Ohjelmien luokittelua nopeasti ja huolellisesti

Suomen luokittelupalvelu Oy

Suomen luokittelupalvelu Oy (Finnish Classification Service Ltd) is the first and leading company in classification of movies, television programs and video games. We offer full service in classification of audiovisual material, we only need the material and then we take care of everything.

Why Suomen luokittelupalvelu Oy? First and foremost, our employees are skilled professionals, with a lot of experience in classification. Secondly, We have have strict security processes to ensure safety of audiovisual material we classify.

What do we offer? We are flexible and fast in our work. Thus our clients get classifications as they need them, even during weekends or overnight. We charge for classification on per minute-basis, only for the actual programs run time, and the service is all-inclusive.

We offer flexible and cost effective way of doing classification of audiovisual programs as required by Finnish law (Act on Audiovisual Programmes).